Rhythm and Ethics




Rhythm and Ethics students on a fieldtrip to the Rhythm! Discovery Center in Indianapolis

Course Description

Rythm acts as a conductor for relationships. It communicates emotion and holds large groups of people together through practices like dance, ritual, or protest. It forms our experience of space-time, which determines how we relate to others.  It is the channel of communication between mind and body and its form distinguishes physical and mental health from illness. Rhythm is formed in particular ways to encourage various virtues, vices, and ways of being in the world. As such, rhythm is an important dimension of any approach to ethics concerned with formation. 

Because this course was student-directed, course content is not represented on the syllabus. You can find a summary of each student-led class session under the category “Rhythm Research Class” in the right-hand panel.

Student Comments

“I appreciated that this course was drastically different from all of my other coursework this semester. This course provided me with an outlet to research a topic that intrigued me and to converse with students who were far more intelligent than I.”

“Dr. Eikelboom is an excellent professor with great knowledge and is able to teach students in  way that allows her enthusiasm to catch on. She had a wide variety of course work that helped students to learn and stretch in many ways.”