Rhythm in Christian Doctrine



Course Description

Humans represent religious doctrines to themselves through categories of human experience and much Christian theological debate concerns how doctrines ought to be represented if they are to be faithful to scripture, Christian tradition, and human experience. One important ingredient in these constructions is movement (e.g. what are 1024x1024the movements between God and creation, between persons of the Trinity, between Jesus Christ and ourselves?). This course investigates the debates and conversations that make up the theological doctrines of Creation and the Trinity from the perspective of their rhythmic movements.

Student Comments

“This course definitely stretched my thinking and ability to interact with lofty texts. I appreciated Prof. Eikelboom’s charity and encouragement toward our answers. She created an environment where we felt free to express ideas and think together. I also appreciated the open-ended interdisciplinary research project. In some ways, it felt like an independent study, which I had not had the chance to do in my college experience. My favorite paper, however, was the first rhythm paper in which we were asked to incorporate our personal experiences into the subject.”

“I really appreciate the opening of class meditational breathing moments. This really did help funnel the energy in a way that made my head clearer and more able to participate in the class in a more positive way. Also, the summary classes of the readers were very helpful.”