Dr. Lexi 7 (2)Lexi Eikelboom is currently Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the John Wesley Honors College, Indiana Wesleyan University. Lexi has a Doctorate in Theology and Masters in Ethics from the University of Oxford, and a BA in Biblical and Theological Studies from the Canadian Mennonite University. Conducting interdisciplinary research on rhythm as a theological category, Lexi draws on the arts, social sciences, and continental philosophy in order to shed light on what rhythm is and why it matters for theology. She is currently working on a book that lays the groundwork for thinking about rhythm as a theological category in terms of human experience, current philosophical debates about the nature of reality, and doctrines of creation and salvation. Her next project is an exploration of the significance of rhythm for Christian ethics.

Lexi teaches courses in systematic and constructive theology, philosophy and theology of aesthetics and the arts, and involves students in her research through courses specifically about rhythm.

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Lexi also makes paintings as a way to explore abstract theological concepts from a different perspective. You can find a sample of her artwork here. All images on the site (with the exception of a few featured blog images from creative commons) are her original paintings and photographs.